Social and Enterprise Responsibility

Rules of Conduct

As EMS provider and partner of internationalized enterprises, Tenwei promises to abide by world and Chinese related laws and regulations based on international effective agreements to establish our standard of value and rules of conduct including UN UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS, the core labor standard of ILO and the principles of environment and development declaration Rio de Janeiro. In counties and areas that our business covers, we will comply with local Laws and regulations within which we urge our partners commit to their liabilities and activities.

Human Rights and Labor Conditions

Tenwei respects and promotes human rights of Universal Declaration of Human Rights stipulated by UN,boycotts all kinds of discrimination, labor compel and child labor. Based on the core labor standard of ILO,value to provide our staff fair labor condition, safe working environment and appropriate salary. Tenwei highly pay more attention to employee’s occupational, physical and psychological and health, annually organize our staff to take body examination and set up health file for free.

Environment and responsibility

According to the principles of environment and development declaration of Rio de Janeiro, Tenwei make great efforts to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emission using many communication tools to advocate the concept of energy conservation and resources cherishment and making these concepts implemented in the daily working life by setting up regulations and supervising. Environment protection is a systematic engineering, we earnestly practice what we advocate and try to arouse the extensive attention and participation in whole society.  

Public Welfare

We deeply know that terminal purpose of existence of an organization is except pursuing profits and growth, more important thing exists in its unique value he creates. This value not only can exceed time and space for living long, but also can make a positive influence toward the social and publics, do goods for our society. Tenwei will continuously concern social welfare career, positively to practice citizen’s responsibilities, meanwhile, we devote ourselves to the valuable public welfare establishment and take building a better word as our duty.

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